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Property purchase expanses in Greece

The common purchase expanses in Greece are:

  1.  Tax : for the purchase must be paid to the Τax Authority and is calculated 3% on the fiscal “objective” value of the property unless the property is built after the 1.1.2006 where there must be paid a VAT of 24% on the fiscal price but only for the first transfer of the title
  2. Notary Fees : is calculated up to 1,2%  on the fiscal “objective” value the property but may be less depending on the price of the property
  3. Land Registry: the title of the property must be registered on Land Office and the expanses are approx. 0,475% of the “objective” price
  4. Lawyer’s Fee : the usual fee agreed between lawyer and the client
  5. Realtor’s Fee : the usual fee agreed upon the contract form of the Realtor

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